Expert Soil & Groundwater Testing

Soil & Groundwater Testing


Free consultation and expert results

Steve Rich Environmental Contractors cares about your peace of mind. For that reason, we have the enhanced capability of not only testing for fuel oil compounds (TPHC), but also testing for other priority toxic chemicals that occur in soil and ground water.

When you contact SREC for a free consultation, a sales representative will ask preliminary questions concerning your property and its surroundings as well as the potential source of contamination. A time and day will then be scheduled for your soil test (a minimum 4-day period from the contract date is required before work can begin in order to properly obtain ‘utility mark-outs’).

On site, our experienced personnel will assess your property for sample locations that are most representative of the soils and/or ground water in the area(s) of concern. A geoprobe machine or handheld geoprobe will then be used to extend all soil borings to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 feet in order to provide an accurate assessment of the soil chemistry.

For ground water testing, we install a temporary 1” diameter well(s) to collect ground water samples. The samples will be sent to an NJDEP certified lab for analysis. Preliminary lab results are typically available in five business days. A sales representative will forward the full analytical lab report accompanied by a comprehensive report explaining the analytical results for your soil and/or ground water test.


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