Underground Oil Tank Testing

Oil Tank Testing

Trust our experienced professionals to get it right.

Whether you’re selling your home, looking to obtain new insurance-or just peace of mind-there are many reasons why you may want an oil tank test.

SREC can provide you with reliable and accurate results for that test.

When you contact SREC for a free consultation, a sales representative will ask preliminary questions concerning the location and nature of your underground storage tank then set up a time and day for your tank test (a minimum 4-day period from the contract date is required before work can begin in order to properly obtain ‘utility mark-outs’.)

On site, our experienced personnel will first locate your tank and its lines extending into the home. A geoprobe machine or handheld geoprobe will then be used to install 2” diameter soil borings around your tank from which the soil samples will be extracted.

It’s SREC policy to extend all soil borings to this depth beyond the base of your tank so as to provide an accurate assessment of the soil below your tank.

Those soil samples are then sent to an NJDEP certified lab for analysis, with preliminary lab results typically available in five business days.

A sales representative will forward the full lab report for your tank test.

New Jersey Oil Tank Experts