Oil Tank Installation

Oil Tank Installation

Expert support, from education to installation

Despite rising gasoline prices, oil heat is still an exceptional and economical method for heating your home. Steve Rich Environmental Contractors (SREC) can install a new indoor or outdoor above-ground storage tank in conjunction with tank removal or as an individual service.

Contacting SREC for a free consultation, one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will help you decide which size and type of tank is right for you and the location that is most discreet, safe, and functional.

SREC generally recommends two types of new above ground storage tanks, Roth and Granby Steel Tanks:

Roth and Granby Tank Suppliers

Roth‘s double walled AST’s (above ground storage tank) are backed by a 10 year limited warranty not to leak or corrode. Its inner layer is constructed of seamless, corrosion-proof high density polyethylene, and its outer layer is constructed of seamless, corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.

Granby Steel Tanks offer a wide range of high-quality products to the North American market that respond to specific criteria of security, durability and reliability.

What you can expect with a SREC oil tank installation:

Our helpful staff will acquire the permits required for your new tank installation and schedule an inspection with the town’s municipality. On the day of your scheduled installation, SREC will transport your new AST to your home and finalize the location of your new AST with you. The installation team will position your tank safely and according to all standard regulations then run all lines from your boiler to your new AST.

After the set up is complete, an SREC representative will facilitate the inspection with the municipal inspector including a pressure test on the system when necessary.

Upon approval, we will prime your system and fire up your boiler.

Confident in your satisfaction we provide a 1 year warranty on labor for all installation service contracts.


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