Essex County Oil Tank Removal

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If your tank was installed before 1980, you could be in trouble.

You’ve lived in Bloomfield since the seventies, raised a family and now enjoy a comfortable life with neighbors you know well.

Maybe you’re a newlywed couple looking at property in West Orange or Belleville.

Well, if a house in these towns or any close neighborhoods has an Essex County oil tank on its property installed in 1980 or before, it could be leaking chemicals into the soil, air and groundwater.

These old tanks are built of bare steel fabrication and are susceptible to corrosion… and corrosion leads to spills and leaks.

Whether the tank is an UST (underground storage tank) above it or in a place inaccessible, removal, clean-up (remediation) or abandonment (cutting, opening and cleaning the tank then filling it with inert materials) should only ever be done by an experienced crew. If you are looking to sell-or buy-your home, your tank removal might be a pressing issue as well.

Call on Steve Rich Environmental to take the necessary steps in seeing your Essex County property rendered safe through professional New Jersey oil tank removal and testing procedures.

We’ve worked hard over the past decades attending to the many issues oil tanks can bring a homeowner. Priding ourselves on time-efficient expert assessments of any situation and seeing a cost effective solution through to conclusion, Steve Rich Environmental has seen the safe removal, remediation, abandonment of many tanks in the Essex County area.

Our customers have received millions of dollars from grant funds because of our exemplary work and we’ve never been denied grant approval.
We also have cultivated a solid relationship with both the NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection) and insurance companies handling properties in Newark, Montclair and all the other towns and cities of Essex County. Our customers have received millions of dollars from grant funds because of our exemplary work and we’ve never been denied grant approval.

Our steps to oil tank service begin with:

  • Locating and testing of your Essex County UST or above ground tank and its system.
  • Sampling soil and groundwater for contaminants.
  • Presenting a plan of action for removal, remediation or abandonment of the oil tank to the homeowner.

Through our acumen and insight you can decide the best cost-effective measure to assure your property is rendered safe for you and your family, or even for the family you might be selling your home to. Agreeing on a strategy with Steve Rich Environmental, we then:

  • Excavate and remove your tank and its systems.
  • Commence complete abandon of the tank.
  • Remediate soil.
  • Install new tanks and systems.

And Steve Rich Environmental sees you through the final steps by:

  • Completing and submitting necessary permit applications to local Essex County agencies.
  • Providing detailed tank ‘closure’ documentation in keeping with NJDEP guidelines.
  • Helping homeowners facilitate expert grants and loans.
  • Aiding real estate brokers with expert assessments of oil tank issues between buyer and seller.

Contact Steve Rich Environmental today to find out more about the specific steps to oil tank removal/remediation and replacement for your East Orange, Livingston, Nutley or any other Essex County Residence.

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